Dear readers,

The need for a discussion about quality in practical obstetrics prompted me to republish LUCINA as a specialized magazine. 

LUCINA used to exist already from 1802 to 1811, at that time under the title "Lucina. A magazine for the perfection of the art of childbirth". 

The journal used to be published by the German gynecologist and university teacher Adam Elias von Siebold (1775 – 1828). As a professor of medicine and obstetrics, Siebold has intensively advanced medical obstetric training by teaching doctors and midwives in practice at the birthing bed. This was made possible by Siebold who founded the birth center in Wurzburg, which was new for its time, in 1805 and the obstetrics university clinic in Berlin in 1817. 

Today, LUCINA is consciously following the tradition of Siebold, who wanted to pass on and maintain tried-and-tested obstetric knowledge with his writings and promote the professional skills of midwives and doctors. 

LUCINA not only appeals to midwives, obstetricians and gynecologists, but to all those who are committed to women's, children's and family health. With step-by-step explanations, using practical examples and meaningful images, the processes of clinical examination methods are explained for taking a closer look and learning. 

LUCINA would like to encourage its readers to set professional priorities. Regardless of fashion and with reference to the luminaries of its time, we pass on that secure and reliable knowledge that appears again and again from generation to generation as obstetric rules and is now confirmed by the latest research results. 

Pregnant women in particular, no matter how individual their perception may be, must be able to trust the specialists who look after them. It is important to recognize dangerous situations as such at an early stage, to classify them with the help of the respective specialists’ examination. Well-founded, methodical and structured work is the basis ensuring qualified communication to manage necessary and correct processes for mother and child. 

In addition, it is long overdue to critically review and publish the diverse aspects of gynecology and obstetrics in terms of maintaining women's and family health, and to do so with the firm belief that it is the right time today for medical staff to acquire and extend stable knowledge.

Now I wish you a lot of reading pleasure!
Barbara Kosfeld 

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